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 My BMET test on 05-01-10

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My BMET test on 05-01-10 Empty
PostMy BMET test on 05-01-10

Hello all, well that day finally came. I took the test. I can say this i felt like i was very prepared. I gave it my best shot. This blog will just give you guys a little more insight on the test. I got up at 4am Saturday morning May 1st, ate a simple breakfast (waffles and eggs). My motel was like 10 min from the testing site. I arrived to like 2 hrs early and went over all my material in the car. This gave me short term memory of some things fresh off my morning breakfast. I then went into the building like 5 min before testing time. I was nervous but ready. There was only one more there to test with me. I asked him how long had he prepared he worked for GE and he says oh man its mandatory that i take this and I’ve only been studying like 3 wks ( I don think that is enough time ). I was like OH OK well GOODLUCK. The test started- I felt like I was 100 percent sure on the first 60 questions some coming off my fresh memory and some from my 6 months of preparation. Once I hit like question 80 they hit me with a few confusing questions that were situation questions such as what equipment would you fix before the weekend and then they would have four similar options. The questions didn’t really confuse me I just wasn’t sure of the answer- a lot of this was related only for a biomed tech who worked in a hospital settings all the time. I used elimination and guessed on them I think there were like 8 to 10 like that. I can say there is alot of info from the study material on the test but they twisted the questions to where they would use an answer to ask the question for example. One really had to know the content of the material in order to know the exact answer. I do remember one question on the test that answered a previous question so you have to read each question in detail and if you dont know just skip and come back later. On this study site you would see the following question:

An illness or infection that was acquired while in the hospital is called:
A. Nosocomial
B. Contagious infection
C. Hepatitis A
D. Hepatitis B
The correct answer is Nosocomial. The real test will flip the question to go like this-
Noscomial is known to be acquired in what type of settings:
A. laboratory
B. Blood bank
C. Hospital
D. Operation Room
This answer is C. Hospital. So when you study make sure you understand the concept of all the material.

I saw a lot of stuff from the study guides, videos, sample questions and sample tests. I think that this test is passable and if I didn’t pass this time around I will be ready to get it done in November again. My advice is to use all the different sites and links from this forum and also the wiki site was very informative. I can say that I was very prepared for the test THANKS TO CTI Productions. There probably were 15 to 20 that I had no idea about but I maybe got lucky and guessed them correctly. I just wanted to share a few tips with you guys. Goodluck and GOOD STUDY!!!
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My BMET test on 05-01-10 :: Comments

Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
Post on Fri May 28, 2010 11:14 am by CM Bryant
Thanks for the heads up!
I am testing on June 29th and this gives me a little more hope.
Have you found out your results yet? I am curious on how long it takes to get them back.
I took a military exam and they emailed me the results before I even got back to my office!
Did you use the morrison flashcards for studying?
Thanks in advance for any time or light you might shed on the subject.
Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
Post on Fri May 28, 2010 11:48 am by lilhunt25
Hi CM Bryant- No i havent got my results yet- Im patiently waiting- This has been the 4th week this saturday. The site says 4-6 wks which i think sucks- if i could have gotten my results earlier and didnt pass i have still been studying- i could have taken the test in tampa with you June 25th. As witht the Morrison flashcards yes i used them but i got most of the grit of info from this site- I give the Morrisson Guide and flashcards a 6 out of ten. They are not giving much info in detail. Also if you can get ahold of the AAMI study CD use it as well. buy the practice exam from CTI- look over all videos, slides shows and etc. know the info, read, study, read, learn. I say if you have prepared for like 8-9 wks then you will be ready. I was familiar with every aspect of the test but some questions did confuse me. I just dont see myself missing over 45 though. I hope to get the results soon. Ive been leaving work on lunch daily to check my mail box. I will go to aami page and ask them when will they have the test PC based for quicker results. The old pencil-oval test has played out and people want results faster. This new era of technology shouldnt cost much for them to have the results back faster. This test has huge implications on careers. I know they could do better. They should at least be in the process of making this change.
Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
Post on Fri May 28, 2010 1:15 pm by vmason
Hey Guys I got my certificate yesterday. They were mailed on the 25th. If you clink on the AAMI link, clink on cert directory, new, you will see the ones added for May. I wish you the best.
Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
Post on Fri May 28, 2010 1:20 pm by lilhunt25
Congrats Vmason so you passed ha-thats great. We will be using you as the expert for the next group. Thanks for the update. I will check the site and be looking for the letter in the mail soon. I can then move frwd to retest or celebrate LOL
Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
Post on Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:41 am by Admin
Congrats Vmason for becoming a new CBET!!! We hope that this forum was a help to you and that you will consider moderating one of our groups.
Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
Post on Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:02 am by lilhunt25
Sorry to report guys but i failed the test- I was like 20 points short and didnt do too well on the electronics area of the test. I didnt find this site /study Forum until April 6th. To my surprise i didnt miss any in the Safety area. I do know if i had been on this site with CTI and others i would have been a lil more ready to get those extra 20 points. I didnt know of this forum- I will not give up. Im doing my app now for the November test. I will pass this test GUYS. Thanks for the support. Im ready to get the next study group going and looking frwd to NOVEMBER test. Lets get it done guys. Again congrats to Vmason, who nailed the test. I saw the name on the AAMI website. GOODJOB--
Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
Post on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:51 pm by vmason
I Got a second letter with the scores, electronics was my weekest area. I was thrown off by a lot of the questions dealing with shorts and opens. I thought they would be straight foward- not the case. I think they are looking at more from the troubshooting side of it. CTI was a great resource for study material and great for me since I am about 150 miles away from the next biomed. Join a study group and give it 3 nights a week for two months and you'll do just fine. I think I'm going to try the CRES in Nov. Thanks to all for your input and help.
Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
Post on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:49 pm by lilhunt25
Yes i was thrown totally off with those questions- i was hoping i got lucky and got them right. I will now focus more on this area plus refresh myself on the other areas. If possible please stay around and give insight to others. I noticed alot of members who pass and then let go and dont help promote the field nor help this site. Alot of biomed sites out there are now dead and useless. I really hope to see you on more Vmason.
Re: My BMET test on 05-01-10
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My BMET test on 05-01-10

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